Christmas Schedule

24 December

Day: 7:45AM Mass, (No 12:10PM Mass)

Christmas Eve (Must Register)

5:00 PM Mass and 7:30 PM Mass

Contact Ann at to register

Christmas Day (Must Register)

12:00 AM Midnight, 10:00 AM Mass, (No 5:00PM Mass)

Contact Ann at to register

Sunday 26 December

8:00AM Mass,  10:30AM Mass, (No 7:30PM Mass)

Monday 27 December

(No 7:45AM Mass), 12:10PM Mass

Tuesday 28 Dec - Thursday 30 Dec

7:45AM Mass, 12:10PM Mass

Friday 31 December, New Years Eve

7:45AM Mass, (No 12:10PM Mass), 5:00PM Mass
11:00PM to 12:00AM:  Holy Hour to pray for the intentions of parishioners for the New Year.

Saturday 1 January, New Years Day

10:00AM Mass, (No 5:00PM Mass)

Sunday 2 January

8:00AM Mass, 10:30 AM Mass, (No 7:30PM Mass)

Monday 3 January

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