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It is often said that one of the most important parts of the Catholic Church is the parish. Why? Because the parish impacts people’s lives. It is in the parish setting where we receive the Body and Blood of Christ, listen to the Word of God proclaimed, find forgiveness of our sins in Reconciliation, communal support, and ways to give life to our faith. The parish is a living, breathing entity because in it God interacts with His people. We hope that this will be your experience of St. Mary’s and that you will find warmth and hospitality here.


As you become more acquainted with us, we hope that you will find an area in which to share time and talent with our parish family. Like any family, we function most efficiently when all our members involve themselves in parish life. We welcome you to our parish family, the family of St. Mary’s Cathedral.


If you are Catholic and would like to register at St. Mary’s, please fill out the registration form below, and please introduce yourself to one of the priests after Mass.


We welcome you wherever you are on your spiritual journey. If you would like more information in regard to the Roman Catholic Faith please contact Father Shawn at rector@stmaryscathedral.ca or phone 613-546-5521.


Thank you.

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Overnight Men’s Shelter

Help Urgently Needed

In order for the men’s shelter to open for the winter we need men to sign up. We need your generosity.  We will begin Jan 2nd and go to the end of April.   If you could volunteer for one of these shifts one day each week it would be a great help.  Training will be provided.  Please contact Ann Lyng at veronicasveil@stmaryscathedral.ca to sign up or for more information.

Shifts still needed to be filled before we can open Veronica’s Veil Overnight Shelter for the Winter
2. Second Shift 12:30 am to 4;30 am 
Monday – 1 volunteer
Saturday – 1 volunteer
3. Third Shift 04:30 am to 8:30 am 
Tuesday – 1 volunteer
Friday – 2 volunteers
Saturday – 1 volunteer
Sunday – 1 volunteer