The Parish Council


The Council advises the Rector on all matters connected with the well-being of the Parish. Although its function is formally only advisory, the Rector sits on the Council as its president, and any proposal on which a consensus is reached, or of which a majority including the Rector approves, is thereby put into effect. Fundamentally the Council’s job is to see that every activity which ought to be pursued in the Parish is in fact being satisfactorily pursued, and to recommend new programmes or the revision of existing programmes where this seems necessary. The Council’s task is then to see that these decisions are carried out by the appropriate Council Committees or by officers of the Parish. To this end the Council acts as a two-way channel of communication, between parishioners and parish groups on the one hand and the Rector on the other. The parishioners are represented on the Council by the appointed members, and the parish organizations by the ex officio members.

Approach Us!

If you have any concerns or suggestions about any Parish matters, you should take them up with whoever is in charge of the area concerned, or with one of your appointed representatives, who will bring the matter before the Council. Council meetings are (in any case) open to all parishioners as observers, who may be invited by the Chair to speak to a topic. If Council does not know what is troubling you, it cannot set the matter right!

Development of Faith Committee


Father Shawn Hughes, Rector


Phone: 613-546-5521 ext. 4

Meetings at the call of the Chair

This committee strives to enhance the faith life of the Parish both at the devotional and at the intellectual level by arranging such functions as retreats, parish missions, study groups, talks and so on. Parishioners are welcome to submit suggestions to the Chair for activities within the Committee’s mandate which they would like to have considered.

Cathedral Decoration Committee


Janice Lumb


Meetings at the call of the Chair

The decoration committee selects and arranges floral decorations for the Cathedral, especially on special occasions and feasts of the liturgical calendar.

Finance Committee


Mr. Mark Levac


Meetings at the call of the Chair

The Finance Committee is the only parish committee which is mandated by Canon Law. It may be an independent body or a committee of the Parish Coucil; in this parish it is a committee of the Council. It reports, however, in the first place to the Rector, who appoints its members. The Chair of the Council is a member of the Committee and reports on the Committee’s work to the Council.

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